is it morally okay to pray that your crush’s relationship doesn’t work out

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"Mickey, have a seat, man. No one gives a shit who you bang."

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i want to be 18 but i also want to be 8

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That moment of anxiety when you are about to use a word you learned in books but have never said out loud and have no idea how to pronounce it oh god what if I say it wrong everyone will know I am a literate fool

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first rule of friendship:

  • do not insult their hogwarts house

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i’m reading looking for alaska and i’ve reached a day before and i am so very scared

fuck this shit

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I don’t understand why but I really hate this shade of blue

God it’s actually making me uncomfortable

No I am uncomfortable. As a color deficient person I almost never see the color blue and that is the bluest blue that has ever blued.





I believe our internal frustration with this stems from the fact that it is very similar to a certain type of computer message


do you feel the anger and frustration?

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john cried during sherlock’s best man speech and i bet he didn’t shed a single tear while exchanging vows with mary but i guess we’ll never know since only one of those things was important enough to include in the show

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You know when a fast angry song comes on that you know every word to and you’re in just the right mood that your eyes light up with the fire and angst of a thousand punk rockers and you just feel so alive

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Eat anything you want and if someone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too.

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castle meme → four friendships [4/4]
javier esposito & kate beckett & kevin ryan

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